Thomas was wounded in the leg and sent home to recover from his wound. While he was home, he married Harriet Elizabeth Smith in Northbridge, MA on November 23, 1861. Minister William Merrill presided over the ceremony. Regiment lost during service 8 Officers and 82 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 3 Officers and 138 Enlisted men by disease.

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When spring opened several line officers were discharged to accept commissions in the 4th and 5th Regiments of Massa­chusetts Cavalry. The 2d Regiment was active all through the spring of 1864 doing patrol duty and making raids in the northern part of Virginia. On April 24 its camp was moved to Falls Church. In June a detachment went to the Wilderness battlefield and brought off about fifty wounded men who had been left there.

In August, it moved north to join General John Pope’s army and fought at Groveton and Second Manassas, it lost another 52 men. The regiment lost another 54 at South Mountain, and over 50 more at Antietam. At the opening of the last campaign, the first and third battalions were in Virginia. Three squadrons, with the field and staff, were attached to the headquarters of General Ord, commanding the Army of the James; two were at the headquarters of the Twenty-fourth, and two at those of the Twenty-fifth Army corps.

Fort Darling was blown up, and later on the rams. It was eight o’clock when the Federal troops entered the city. It required eco sober house boston the greatest effort to tame down the riotous, crazed mob, and induce them to take part in the struggle to save their own.

We returned to the Capitol and reported to Major Stevens. I was sent with a detail to the Davis Mansion with instructions to leave a guard on the house.

He was commended in dispatches several times for gallantry in action, and was first sergeant of his company when the regiment left Texas at the outbreak of the war. Shortly thereafter he received a commission in the newly authorized 6th U.S. Not until 1868 did Louis Hartman join the 6th U.S. He was enlisted into Company G by Captain Tullius C. Tupper, the regiment’s former sergeant major, on June 3, 1868 in New Orleans, Louisiana. With his wartime experience, it is not surprising that he rose quickly through the ranks and was the company’s first sergeant when his enlistment expired in 1873. He re-enlisted into the same company on June 10, 1873 at Fort Dodge, Kansas, and was still the first sergeant when his second tour expired in 1878. He re-enlisted in the company a third time at Camp Grant, Arizona Territory on June 10, 1878.

Second Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Cavalry Three Years

Paulding moved to Philadelphia after his resignation, where his father was the commander of the Naval Asylum, and studied law until 1870. He then became an insurance agent and broker for the company of Carstairs & Paulding in Philadelphia, specializing in fire insurance. He worked in the insurance industry for the next thirty seven years. Tattnall Paulding was the president of Alcoholism the Delaware Mutual Insurance Company of Philadelphia, known today as Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company, at the time of his death. After the battle of Antietam, Abram transferred to Company K, 6th U.S. He was enlisted by Lieutenant Albert Coats at Knoxville, Maryland. His enlistment documents describe him as 5’6 ½” tall, with blue eyes, brown hair, and a dark complexion.

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From the very beginning of its service in the field, the regiment had the hard fortune to be cut up into detachments and details for special duty. This was probably due to the good opinion entertained of it by the general; but it was very trying and disappointing to the colonel, and to all who had hoped to be serving, as earlier orders—too soon countermanded—directed, with Sheridan. On the morning of the 3d of June, 1863, Grierson moved toward Clinton.

Ballot Battles

Volunteer ranks, however, were authorized in support of volunteer formations, and lasted only as long as the position and formation lasted. The chief quartermaster of the Cavalry Corps, for example, would no longer be an authorized position once the Cavalry Corps disbanded.

” And to the music from the brazen throats of their own trumpets chiming with their fierce battle shout, those seventy-eight Massachusetts horsemen hurled themselves upon the heavy masses of the foe. A sharp ride of a few moments brought the cavalry to the scene of action. Read, with one orderly, contrived to elude the various bodies of the enemy and finally joined Washburn, just before his command reached the vicinity Sobriety of the bridge. Information had been received through scouts that the structure was not defended by any fortifications whatever. Reports also came in that the Confederates were badly demoralized. In consequence of these stories, which would appear to have been accepted as fully reliable at headquarters, Washburn was ordered to attack any force which he might meet, as it would certainly fall away before him.

That flag, whose design has been accredited alike to both George Washington and John Adams, was raised over Virginia by Massachusetts, in place of the one whose kinship and likeness had not, even after renewed effort, been entirely destroyed. This, having been mistaken for a flag of truce, was altered by covering the outer half of the field beyond the union with a vertical red bar.

Most of these were lost during the charge under Gen. Sedgwick. Returning to Petersburg, April 18, six days later it started for North Carolina to operate against Johnston’s army, but, that force surrendering April 26, the 2d Cavalry soon returned to the north side of the Appomattox River. On May 10, it started north­ward, reaching Washington, D. C., May 21.

D Regiment, Massachusetts Cavalry

Understandably, the processing of his claim was greatly delayed by the inaccuracies of the filing. A month later he transferred to Company M, 6th U.S. Cavalry on October 24, 1862 in Knoxville, MD. His enlistment documents described him as 5’ 8 ½ ” tall, with blue eyes, brown hair and a fair complexion. When the regiment returned to Virginia the following month, he and the other volunteers were sent to a camp of instruction outside of Washington to be mounted and trained.

The regiment followed with General Wright’s Corps in pursuit of the enemy until Early’s force had retired across the Shenandoah River, then returned to its camp at Falls Church. For twenty-one consecutive days in the month of August the regiment was under fire. In reconnaissances on Opequan Creek between Sept. 7 and 13 it was frequently engaged with loss, on the 13th at Locke’s Ford losing four men mortally wounded and four wounded, not eco sober house complaints mortally. Pursuing the enemy as far as Waynesboro, here on Sept. 28 it had three killed, five wounded, and two captured. It was engaged at Round Top Mountain, Oct. 8, at Tom’s Brook, Oct. 9, and in the battle of Cedar Creek, October 19, losing in the latter action 10 killed, and 22 wounded. Here Colonel Lowell fell mortally wounded, dying the next morning in Middletown. Captain Smith also died of wounds on the evening after the battle.

The years of achievement and sacrifice have been commented on by eloquent orators. I have endeavored to pen a simple narrative to mention events as they appeared to me. His last breakfast , with the army of Northern Virginia. He was dressed in a neat, gray uniform eco sober house ma and was a splendid looking soldier. Commanding officers of corps and divisions of the Confederate army and other officers then came to take leave of him. He was a short distance from me and his conversation was evidently words of encouragement and advice.